Every Bag Counts

Saturday was not great for bowfishing in Utah but two bowfishing members were able to pick up 3 bags of trash on their day out on the choppy water! Every bag counts towards preserving our waterways and wetlands! Awesome job guys!Fotor051300859


Central Utah Bowfishing Open 2014

Name Saturday Sunday Total Number of Carp
C/Miller, S/Larsen 20 52 72
K/Shappart, J/Rife 53 14 67
D/Draper, S/Miller 31 31 62
C/Harsin, R/McCormick 54 7 61
J/Noble, T/Rasmussen 47 11 58
J/Campbell, S/Davis 25 31 56
N/Hopkins, M/Hopkins 4 45 49
R/Larsen, S/Hatch 9 15 24
B/Hopkins, K/Hopkins 4 17 21
R/McGee, M/Mcgee 15 1 16
T/Carter, C/Hampton 1 14 15
J/Cloward, C/Salas 5 9 14
B/Shuman, J/Golding 6 0 6
J/Cloward, J/Cloward 1 4 5
S/Mercer, L/Gonzales 4 0 4
A/Munro, C/Bradfield 3 1 4

 Central Utah Bowfishing Open Big 5 Fish 2014


Name Weight
K/Shappart, J/Rife 48.6 lbs
R/McGee, M/Mcgee 46.7 lbs
J/Campbell, S/Davis 44.4 lbs
C/Harsin, R/McCormick 42.3 lbs
J/Cloward, C/Salas 25.5 lbs
C/Miller, S/Larsen 25.4 lbs


Name Weight
N/Hopkins, M/Hopkins 46.03 lbs
K/Shappart, J/Rife 44.31 lbs
B/Hopkins, K/Hopkins 43.08 lbs
J/Campbell, S/Davis 42.42 lbs
C/Miller, S/Larsen 41.26 lbs
C/Harsin, R/McCormick 40.19 lbs
J/Cloward, C/Salas 38.65 lbs

Central Utah Bowfishing Open Big Fish 2014


Name Weight
R/McGee, M/Mcgee 10.22 lbs
K/Shappart, J/Rife 10.20 lbs
J/Campbell, S/Davis 9.7 lbs
S/Mercer, L/Gonzales 9.2 lbs
T/Carter, C/Hampton 9.1 lbs
C/Harsin, R/McCormick 8.7 lbs
A/Munro, C/Bradfield 8.6 lbs
B/Hopkins, K/Hopkins 8.95 lbs
C/Harsin, R/McCormick 8.7 lbs
A/Munro, C/Bradfield 8.6 lbs
B/Shuman, J/Golding 8.2 lbs
R/Larsen, S/Hatch 7.93 lbs


Name Weight
N/Hopkins, M/Hopkins 10.62 lbs
K/Shappart, J/Rife 9.87 lbs
/Cloward, J/Cloward 9.72 lbs
J/Campbell, S/Davis 9.23 lbs
C/Miller, S/Larsen 9.1 lbs
C/Harsin, R/McCormick 9.08 lbs
B/Hopkins, K/Hopkins 8.95 lbs
T/Carter, C/Hampton 8.52 lbs


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The Sixth Annual Central Utah Bowfishing Open

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