Research-Based Practice

Mozi is a research-supported platform that helps instructors create writing prompts across the curriculum with a matching interface for students to construct their essays. When students use Mozi, they create focused, organized, evidence-based writing in any course.

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College-Ready Writing

75% of high school seniors are not proficient in writing (NAEP, 2017). Mozi’s step-by-step writing process prepares students for post-secondary writing. Teachers across content areas learn how to develop high-quality assignments that engage students in deep learning.

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College Writing

Mozi, a co-requisite resource, breaks the writing process down into manageable steps to create an anxiety-free experience for developing writers. Mozi helps instructors efficiently and effectively assign, teach, and provide targeted feedback on student writing while maintaining the instructor as the center of the learning process.

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Career-Ready Writing

In a recent survey of 400 C-level executives across various industries, 82% stated that the ability to write is an essential skill expected of all new employees (Hart Research Associates, 2015). Mozi helps students write in all content areas, preparing them to communicate effectively in any workplace environment.

How It Works
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"Mozi saves me time creating, assigning, grading and returning essays. No more stacks of essays in the trunk of my car. More time to teach."

Andy Boysen

English Instructor

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"We are implementing writing across the curriculum and Mozi has not only accelerated student learning, it has increased ALL teachers’ confidence as teachers of writing."

John Lawler


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"I struggled for years getting my Biology students to write cohesive scientific explanations. Mozi gives me the tools to develop engaging prompts that enable students to write using claims, evidence, and reasoning. Now that the Common Core requires me to teach writing, Mozi ensures that I do so correctly and effectively."

Trish Solomon

Science Instructor

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